apple iphone battery slow

Apple is slowing down your iPhone on purpose

How to replace your Apple iPhone battery Apple has recently admitted to deliberately reducing the performance of your phone, due to Lithium-ion batteries losing stamina after years or use. The truth of the matter is, batteries will lose potency throughout their lifetime of draining, re-charging and general use. Although, for a giant company such as Apple, to deliberately slow down the performance of your phone without telling you, is quite unacceptable and plenty of pending lawsuits towards

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wifi crash

Google Chromecast is ruining your Wi-Fi

Google Chromecast is crashing Wi-Fi networks everywhere If you have been having problems with your Wi-fi suddenly crashing, your Google Chromecast or even your new Google Home may be the culprit. Google has confirmed the issue with the Chromecast sending hundreds of thousands of data packets to your router which is causing your network to crash. Packets are how devices communicate data with each other over the internet. Unfortunately, this is not something you can

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3-in-1 wd-03

The most important piece of tech for traveling

RAVPower RP-WD03W FileHub The new RAVPower WD-03 3 in 1 portable travel router media streamer, SD card reader, and 6700mAH battery charger is the greatest piece of tech I never knew I needed. Many hotels have wi-fi nowadays, but with every person in the hotel using the same wi-fi causing constant congestion just makes browsing or streaming seem impossible. The filehub has its own built-in wi-fi, so you can plug the wired internet connection from your hotel,

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The most exciting tech from CES 2018

The craziest gadgets from CES 2018 The Consumer Electronics Show every year in Las Vegas is the biggest Electronics show in the world. The biggest companies, as well as plenty of start-up companies, bring their best and latest products to the showroom floors for the world to experience. Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend, although 2019 is hopefully my year. Even without being there, we thankfully have the internet to bring a glorious

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DJI Spark feature photo

DJI Spark Ultimate Drone

DJI Spark the Ultimate Beginner/Professional Drone Drones are one of the most popular pieces of tech out there. The ability to fly something hundreds of feet in the air, take amazing high-quality footage of landscapes, oceans, or wildlife like never before. The biggest problem we all encountered was that these drones were usually over $1000 if you wanted something that worked really well. I have had my share of those $30 to $50 drones, that

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