sandisk ultra OTG

USB Flash Drive OTG

What is an OTG flash drive I purchased this Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 OTG-enabled flash drive, for several reasons, mainly to back up my photos and video for safe keeping, but also the great benefit of carrying tons of movies, pictures, and videos without taking any space up on my phone. OTG enables you to use your devices USB slot similar to a computer, where you can plug in a flash drive, and

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akaso d2000 dash cam

Akaso D2000 Dash Cam

The Dash Cam you didn’t know you needed  The Akaso D2000 Dash Cam is the greatest addition to my car I have had in a long time. A dash cam is a camera you install on your windshield, and it is recording everything you’re seeing while driving. Dash Cams are highly beneficial in case of accidents, or emergencies, where you have physical proof in case the person that ran a red light is attempting

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Phillips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

A great kit for your beginner smart home The Phillips Hue starter kit comes with 4 smart lights and the Phillips Hue smart hub, which is then compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. These were the first smart accessories that I got for our house to pair with Amazon Alexa. The smart hub easily just connects to your existing home internet router, and you can scatter the 4 bulbs all around your

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ravpower 60w charging station

RAVPower 6-port USB charging station

The greatest home or travel charger station The RAVPower 6-port USB 60w charger gives you.. wait for it… ***6*** USB ports to charge your devices. In all honesty, this has been a favorite thing of mine for a while now. Instead of having to plug in everything all around the house looking for plugs, I can connect my phone, Nintendo Switch, tablet, headphones, my Akaso EK7000, and my DJI Spark Drone. This RAVpower charger station includes

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mlife rewards

MLife Rewards program should be your Las Vegas best friend

Benefits of MLife Rewards My lovely wife and I traveled to Las Vegas at least 5 times last year, we celebrated birthdays, our anniversary, visited family friends, and then plenty of “hell ya lets go to Vegas”. We are by no means experts in counting cards, we don’t know the tricks to winning big on the slots, but we certainly know how to drink, and like most people, we just love enjoying everything Las Vegas

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