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MoviePass is an amazing subscription service

I have been using this service since August of 2017, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. If you have never heard of this service. Moviepass is a monthly subscription service that costs $9.99 a month that allows you to watch unlimited movies at AMC and select other theaters nationwide. Here is a quick example of how amazing this service is. I just did a search at my local theatre for 2 seats at AMC with reserved seating. Total with tax and convenience fees are $35.58 for two tickets. I purchased 2 movie subscriptions, one of myself and another for my wife, so we pay $19.98 a month. With only 1 movie, for both of us, we are saving $15.60 on just the single movie. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!!! the beauty of Moviepass, is that you can what an unlimited amount of movies a month per day. This means we can go to the movies every day and watch a new movie, or the same movie multiple times every month for only $19.98 for both of us.


$35.58 (2 tickets 1 movie) * 30 days ( a movie a day ) = $1067.40

2 Moviepass subscriptions ( a movie a day ) = $19.98.


Now you can see the significance of value with setting up a monthly subscription to MoviPass. There is also no contract, and you can cancel at any time.


How it works: You subscribe through the app that you download on your device, this is available on the android market, or the AppStore, unfortunately with the number of subscriptions they received, getting your card can take weeks, but once you get your card, you use it similar to other credit cards just this is only for AMC Theaters and select others. You download a free Moviepass app, you have to be within 1000 yards of the theater, and select your movie and time, and the movie fund is added to your card, you got to the teller, tell them what movie you want, and pay for your movie just like you would any other purchase.  As of right now, you cannot reserve your movie from home, which can be a pain, although we have not encountered any issues so far.

Moviepass customer service has had some delays in responses, and AMC is wanting to prevent people from using this service in their theaters. These are just a few issues, although with the benefit, and the amount of money we have saved, makes me recommend this service to any movie lover or casual moviegoer I encounter.


If you enjoy movies or wish you could go watch more movies, this is the best service for you. feel free to ask any questions about the service, or let me know if you are signing up for it.


Enjoy your Movies


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