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Why the Nintendo Switch is the best console right now

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Thank you, Nintendo for the fantastic Nintendo Switch

That’s a pretty bold statement, especially since the Nintendo Switch is still early in its life cycle among the big boys like the Microsoft Xbox One X, and the Playstation4. Sure you get 4k gaming, huge competitive maps in Destiny 2, or PlayerUknowns Battlegrounds, but how often are you actually sitting right next to friends or family laughing and experiencing the competition right in your face.

I remember getting my very first Nintendo (NES), sitting anywhere I could, plugging in the glorious red, yellow and white wires that make me seem like a computer genius to my parents, hitting the power button on what seems like an ancient CRT TV, searching for channel 3, and finally seeing a peculiar plumber for some reason stomping on a moving mushroom. I could have played that thing for hours into days and having friends and family all around me enjoying the new levels, realizing among us, that there are secrets hidden areas in this phenomenal 2d space. Since that moment, Nintendo has successfully brought my friends and family together with me enjoying Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and others.

Fast forward to now, and the Nintendo Switch does not disappoint in any way. I’ll be honest, I was hesitant at first, seeing how small the joy cons were, and my big hands, but once I got my hands on it, thanks to my amazing wife for the gift 🙂 I have not looked back. The ability to enjoy the game and immerse yourself as well as you can with those small joy cons is fantastic, enjoying it on modern big screen tv’s, and on top of that, how simple it is to just slide in the controllers, and undock the switch, and you have immediately taken link from your living room to your friends house, outside of class, or flying in the air.

Sony has tried their hand on portable gaming, and I won’t ever disagree with you that the Sony PSP was a great device, but the ability to transform portable gaming, into a console, it almost pathetic in comparison as to how well Nintendo has done with the Switch. A built-in stand, two joy cons, a 720p 7in screen does the trick while in handheld mode, but I find it best to dock into a tv and enjoy everything the switch has to offer.

I do wish the dock was smaller and didn’t risk scratching my screen every time I plug it in, or take it out, and easier to take from my house to another, and yes you can buy 3rd party, more portable docks, but I just wish I didn’t have to. I am waiting for more games to be ported over to the switch and so far there are some great ones. But with fantastic titles such as Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda Breathe of the Wild, and of course my favorite Mario Kart 8, I can live with a cumbersome dock to have hours of fun.

Have you purchased a Nintendo Switch? Are you going to buying one soon, or holding off for some reason? sound off below with your thoughts or questions.

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