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USB Flash Drive OTG

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What is an OTG flash drive

sandisk ultra dual usb drive 3.0

I purchased this Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 OTG-enabled flash drive, for several reasons, mainly to back up my photos and video for safe keeping, but also the great benefit of carrying tons of movies, pictures, and videos without taking any space up on my phone.

OTG enables you to use your devices USB slot similar to a computer, where you can plug in a flash drive, and read and transfer data on your cell phone. This is extremely helpful if you save hundreds of selfies, or videos of you acting like a fool, and your phone starts slowing down because your memory is too full. sandisk usb otgYou can plug in the USB drive and save those precious videos for safe keeping. The other great benefit of the Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0, is it is small enough where you can hook it straight on to your keys or just keep in your pocket and you have access to 32gb (or more depending on how much you want to spend) of space anytime you need it.

I can easily keep several movies that I can access when traveling, I can open the videos on my cell phone, or just as easily on my tablet or any other USB capable device. The ease of use makes this a fantastic addition to your tech bag or every day carry tech.

These are available in USB mini for most Android devices, USB C for most modern cell phones. I will link one for each one you may need.

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