Phillips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

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A great kit for your beginner smart home

The Phillips Hue starter kit comes with 4 smart lights and the Phillips Hue smart hub, which is then compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. These were the first smart accessories that I got for our house to pair with Amazon Alexa.

The smart hub easily just connects to your existing home internet router, and you can scatter the 4 bulbs all around your house. The free Phillips Hue app allows you to connect each bulb to the smart hub, and while doing so, you get to name that specific bulb, or just put all 4 bulbs in one single location. Once you name each bulb, you can tell Alexa, Google, or Siri to turn on the “bedroom” lights” and turn off the “living room lamp”. These are fantastic beginner bulbs for someone who is not too tech savvy. The free app is very informative andĀ helpful for anyone to convert their ordinary home, to a smart home.

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There are several more features about these smart lights than just telling Alexa to turn them on or off, all 4 bulbs are multi-color bulbs. You can cycle through a color wheel in the app and change these bulbs to any color you can imagine. You can also set up different moods, they are dimmable lights, you can tell Alexa to dim the lights 60%, or to turn the bedroom lights blue. We downloaded an additional app that was only $3.99, and were able to sync the lights with music playing in the room, it also had preset police lights settings, jamaicanĀ themes, and endless amounts of customizations that can be done with these lights. With the single hub, you can keep buying smart bulbs and just connect new lights every payday, and soon enough your entire house will be a smart home.

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