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The perfect start to smart lights

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If you have been wanting to start converting your home into a smart home, this light bulb is the perfect start. I talked before about how great Hue lights are, but they can be pricey to start with at $199.99 for 4 lights. If this is a little out of your budget, maybe start with this light bulb, the Sengled Element Classic A19, available on Amazon for only $9.99.


A hub is still required to integrate into your home, but it is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart Things, and Wink. The bulb comes in only a white color, but this would be perfect to start with a night light next to your bed, or buy a few and convert your living room or kitchen to smart lights, so you can tell Alexa to turn them on, while you’re getting that late night snack.



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