New Akaso V1 Dash Cam

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Coming in at a much smaller footprint, quick and easy mounting design, and amazing night vision, Akaso has a fantastic new dash cam the Akaso V1. I reviewed another Akaso dash cam previously the Akaso D2000 and it was a great dash cam, my only issues with it, are that it is was very heavy and a somewhat large footprint on the windshield, although their new version is drastically smaller with tons of upgrades coming along.

  • Built-in GPS automatically tracks and indexes your car trips so you can review it anytime or share with friends and family.
  • Wi-Fi Built-in that supports both Android and iOS that gives you the option to view, configure, or download your videos in real time without any data consumption which is a big plus.
  • Super Night Vision DVR the dash cam records in full 1080p to give you a beautifully clear picture that allows you to identify license plates, and faces without issues.
  • Wide Dynamic Range – Dash cam has a viewing angle of 170° that gives you a much wider range of the road when recording.


With similar features as the previous dash cam including G-Sensor emergency locking, in the event you are in a crash, the dash cam will sense the g-force impact and automatically lock the video files for safekeeping so they are not accidentally deleted or lost. Loop recording is also once again present, which depending on the size of your SD card, instead of rendering the device useless 2 hours into a road trip, the dash cam will automatically record over the oldest video file which allows for constant 24/7 recording while plugged in.

In the box comes a lot of great additions for the V1 Dash Cam. The small sleek dash cam itself, a couple of 3M adhesive strips to easily attach to your windshield, which in my opinion is much easier than a suction cup, a generously long car charger cable so you can either run the cable down 1 foot and plug it into your car charger, or with the included tool, work your away around the interior of your car hiding the cables inside the seems of your roof, under your car dash and neatly plugged into any convenient car charger port in your car. Akaso pulled out all the stop as well while including a 16gb micro SD card so you have everything you could possibly need to get started being safe on the road as soon as you open the box.


There are numerous reasons why a dash cam is important to have in every vehicle you own. In case of a an accident where you were not at fault, you can have proof of the incident caught on your dash cam, and a wide view 170° viewing angle certainly doesn’t hurt getting every possible angle of the incident. Fighting traffic violations, if you get wrongly accused of running a red light, or not turning while the light was green, you can easily avoid hundreds of dollars worth of fines with this inexpensive Akakso V1 Dash Cam. fighting insurance fraud, recording everything that is happening when leaving your car for an oil change, making sure there are no joy rides taken, there could be many more reasons why you should own a dash cam, but the fact is you should own on. With so many options available, the Akaso V1 Dash Cam will certainly not disappoint you in any way, won’t get in your way mounted on your windshield, and won’t cost you hundreds of dollars either. I look forward to having my dash cam ready every time I turn on my car, and you should do. Hit the link below to purchase yours now.


Akaso Dash Cam V1


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