3-in-1 wd-03

The most important piece of tech for traveling

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RAVPower RP-WD03W FileHub

The new RAVPower WD-03 3 in 1 portable travel router media streamer, SD card reader, and 6700mAH battery charger is the greatest piece of tech I never knew I needed. Many hotels have wi-fi nowadays, but with every person in the hotel using the same wi-fi causing constant congestion just makes browsing or streaming seem impossible. The filehub has its own built-in wi-fi, so you can plug the wired internet connection from your hotel, or any other location, and have your own personal wi-fi router.

Another great feature is the media sharing feature. I am headed on a cruise in a few weeks, and most places like a cruise or hotel don’t have the best content on TV unless you want to pay extra. I can save a movie or two on my phone, but I hate watching anything longer than a YouTube video on my phone. To solve this crisis, I save all my movies or TV shows on an
RAVPowerexternal hard drive, I download the free app from RAVpower for Apple and Android, and now I have wireless access to all my favorite videos on my hard drive (or you can use the SD card reader as well) , that I can access on my phone, or my preferred portable binge watching device, my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The great thing about this is that if you are driving across several states with noisy kids in the back, you can have the app on each kids device, and they can each stream a different video on their device.

Don’t ever forget the fact that a backup battery charger is one of the most important pieces of tech you should never forget to take with you when leaving for a long night or trip. Being left without the ability to make calls, or see whats trending on YouTube, or deprived from reading my next blog, is the worst feeling ever. The last greatest thing about the RAVPower FileHub WD-03 is the built-in 6700mAH battery charger. Enough power to stream some tv show episodes, and charge your phone back to 100%.

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