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Google Chromecast is ruining your Wi-Fi

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Google Chromecast is crashing Wi-Fi networks everywhere

If you have been having problems with your Wi-fi suddenly crashing, your Google Chromecast or even your new Google Home may be the culprit. Google has confirmed the issue with the Chromecast sending hundreds of thousands of data packets to your router which is causing your network to crash. Packets are how devices communicate data with each other over the internet.

Unfortunately, this is not something you can ask google home to stop, and really the fastest way to correct this issue is to unplug your Google Home or Chromecast altogether.


An update from Google as of 01/17:

The team has identified the issue and is actively releasing a fix, which will start rolling out via a Google Play services update this Thursday, January 18. ln the meantime, try rebooting your Android phone, and check that your Wi-Fi router is running the most recent firmware version

This could be an additional friendly reminder to always keep your router’s firmware up to date. Find out what manufacturer your router is, usually on the top or bottom of the router itself, go to their website, and most likely there will be a link to download the latest firmware. This will most likely install itself and reboot. Not only will this hopefully resolve the Google issue, but will also help keep you up to date with the latest security features your router can provide.

Let’s hope this issue will not last very long. The Google Chromecast is something I use weekly, and crashing my Wi-Fi preventing me from binging on Netflix is driving me insane.

Has your Wi-Fi been crashing more than normal lately? sound off below and let me know.


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