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DJI Spark Ultimate Drone

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DJI Spark the Ultimate Beginner/Professional Drone

Drones are one of the most popular pieces of tech out there. The ability to fly something hundreds of feet in the air, take amazing high-quality footage of landscapes, oceans, or wildlife like never before. The biggest problem we all encountered was that these drones were usually over $1000 if you wanted something that worked really well.

I have had my share of those $30 to $50 drones, that you can fly up and down, do flips with a button press on a remote, but it can just never stay still to take a decent photo on his 2mp crappy camera built in. I never liked those drones because I could never keep the thing hovering in one place, something stable or smooth so for the longest time I just gave up on drones altogether. That is until DJI unveiled the DJI Spark. A lightweight portable drone with a 12mp sensor that is capable producing video at 1080p and 30FPS. 2-axis gimbal for steady shooting, auto takeoff and landing, wi-fi connectivity and up to 31MPH in Sport Mode, and control everything with your smarphone.

This drone has become one of my newest favorite toys. I downloaded the free DJI app, connect my drone, and with a quick swipe motion, the drone took off on its own and is hovering in front of me without me doing anything else. This is normally something you would never get in something less than $800. Although at only $399.99, you get tons of great features included such as gesture control, Rocket video mode, return to home landing, and many more.

dji spark  Some of the things I don’t like about the DJI spark, if you purchase the regular package at $399.99, you get the drone, one battery, charging cable and charger. regular flight time is only 16 mins with no wind. 16 mins can garner great video and stills, problem is, this doesn’t leave much time for fun. in 15 mins I can barely go through all the built-in camera tricks, or show friends and family what all the drone is capable of doing. Re-charging the battery takes roughly 60 mins so it’s difficult to think you can go out and enjoy your drone for a long time with only 1 battery. For this reason, I recommend if you are in the market for a drone then save up the extra $200 for the fly more combo.

The $599.99 fly more combo comes with 2 DJI spark batteries, a DJI remote for long distance flying, a spark battery hub to charge both batteries simultaneously, and a should carrying bag. The benefit of the fly more combo really comes down to the additional battery and remote control. These are two benefits that appear to make flying the DJI Spark a huge improvement and of course longer times to fly. I’m waiting for the day to purchase the remote control and see this for myself, for now, I will enjoy the beautiful video and easy flying modes I get with the DJI Spark. The best drone for me.

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