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What tech I am taking on my cruise

I will be out of the country for a week and whats even more exciting than the cruise, is packing up my favorite tech, and new tech to try out. Unfortunately, there will be no posts on the site while I am away since paying for internet is way too expensive on a cruise ship and I just might be drunk trying to type anything anyway.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the things I will be taking with me, and if you’re interested in any of these, I will have links below for you to purchase on Amazon.

Akaso EK7000, can’t wait to try this out in the ocean, hoping to come back with beautiful footage of clear waters and any fish I can find. paired with a Waterproof Floating Hand Grip that floats in case I drop it in the water, it won’t sink to the bottom of the sea and I can easily recover it.

Samsung Galaxy S8+, this is my daily driver for a phone, beautiful screen, fantastic video, and photos, and waterproof makes this a perfect device to take with me, and in airplane mode, so I don’t run up an enormous roaming phone bill.

Of course my RAVPower 6-port USB hub, I can easily charge 6 devices at the same time taking up only one single wall outlet. (This is a must-have).

USB Dual flash drive, this stores music and videos for the flights there and back, but also will act as additional storage while I’m on vacation, I can plugs this into my phone, back up my media, and free up more space on my phone within minutes. This way I am never without space for taking more photos or videos

My Nintendo Switch, this is easily a must-have when traveling, play some Mario Kart 8 while on the plane, or check out a new world on Super Mario Odyssey, I just bought great Screen Protectors that were very simple to install if you interested in purchasing yourself some.

Bluetooth Speaker, I haven’t really gotten into many Bluetooth speakers, my phone, or Alexa has been sufficient enough for audio for myself and the wife, although I am interested in checking some out in the near future, let me know which ones you guys suggest. For now, we purchased a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by iHome that is also waterproof, we figured inexpensive and waterproof was the way to go for this trip and so far, the audio is great, unless you really max out the volume, which I never suggest, and has some nice RGB lighting built in to.

My camera for some possible vlogging and future Youtube video, is the Sony DSCHX80/B High Zoom Point & Shoot Camera (Black). This is a fantastic point and shoot camera, LCD on the back flips up so you can easily vlog and make sure you are in the shot, the zoom is outstanding on this thing, and battery life has been great. Shoots 1080p, 18.2-megapixel camera for gorgeous stills. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive simple camera for basic picture and video, then you’re in luck.

My RAVPower WD03 file hub, when we’re back in the room at night, I can plug in an external hard drive, or my portable USB drives, and I can easily transfer files for safekeeping and backup without a need for a computer. I can also share the media with several devices and we can each watch a different movie on each of our tablets.

The headphones I am taking are my Sony MDR100ABN/B Headphones these are great sounding Bluetooth headphones, comes with a carrying case so I don’t risk damaging them, active noise canceling, to drown everyone on the airplane(and the wife) out, and can also be used wired. I can easily wear these for hours with the long battery life with ease. Review coming when I get back. These are fantastic.

The Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer, if you are not too familiar with what a gimbal is, it makes sure that when you are trying to take video and you are either running, moving, or just want a steady shot, a gimbal will make sure you get a steady shot no matter what. Creates excellent footage, fun settins that go along with it. I will soon do a review and showcase the difference in footage when recording with a gimbal.

My tech travel ( emergency ) kit. I will also be doing a full review on this kit, I have extra USB cables, HDMI cords, USB mini to USB C adapters, extra wall chargers, extra backup battery chargers, and much more. Review coming soon when I get back.

Plenty of backup batteries. Ill include the 3 I am taking with me, I hope soon enough to purchase more from RAVPower, as I seem to just love that brand and their products always work flawlessly.

That’s the big stuff I am taking, I will be leaving my laptop at home, but still taking as much tech as I can with me. Make sure and check out my Instagram page and see the tech I am bringing with me. I will try and update that as often as possible during the trip and keep all you tech lovers excited.


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