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Cheaper GoPro killer?

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The Akaso EK7000 GoPro Killer

GoPro is an amazing, beautiful product. A small, portable and not to mention waterproof camera that can record anywhere from 1080p to 4k video. Use this in the ocean, backyard swimming pools, or jumping out of a plane. Purchasing the original GoPro years ago, it served its purpose well, jump to 2018 and its time to upgrade my tech which I love to do, and my wife usually hates.

I began looking at the new GoPro with certain features. I am not a professional videographer by any means, but I want certain features such as Touch Screen, 1080p video recording at least 30fps, possibly 4k to be a little future proof, built-in screen, touch screen if possible, waterproof of course and either great battery life, or inexpensive extra batteries.

Come to find out, I have two choices, the GoPro Hero 5, or 6. Whats the difference? You have better 4k video in the Hero 6, better quality in slow motion video, and then, of course, the Hero 6 is a $100 more at $399.99. Here is where it gets interesting, in searching for those features, and looking online at Amazon, I came across a new camera the EK7000 from a company called Akaso.

This camera has everything I am wanting. 4k video recording, 1080p at 60fps which is great.  The built-in touchscreen in the back. 2 batteries along with a plethora of free accessories included in the purchase at only $69.99. I immediately added to my cart and two days later, I have my new action camera in my hands. The picture and video quality are beautiful. Testing video underwater in our pool in the backyard, and I can see not only very clear but also that I should really go outside and clean that thing when I am done writing this.

So if you are in the market for a new action camera, you need to look at the Akaso EK7000. The color quality in video, whether you are recording wildlife, recording scenery, or underwater in your backyard, you can be happy knowing that you will be ecstatic knowing how much money you saved, but still getting beautiful footage compared to any other action camera.

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