akaso d2000 dash cam

Akaso D2000 Dash Cam

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The Dash Cam you didn’t know you needed

The Akaso D2000 Dash Cam is the greatest addition to my car I have had in a long time. A dash cam is a camera you install on your windshield, and it is recording everything you’re seeing while driving. Dash Cams are highly beneficial in case of accidents, or emergencies, where you have physical proof in case the person that ran a red light is attempting to convince your insurance company that it was your fault. Of course in a scenario such as this, you want a good reliable piece of equipment, and that is exactly where the Akaso D2000 Dash Cam comes in, not only is the camera itself a beautiful design, this thing packs a ton of features that you are going to love, and its as easy as installing the suction cup mount to your windshield, hooking up your dash cam, connect it to your car lighter socket, and the camera will automatically turn on when you start your car, and will auto shut off when you turn your car off.

The Akaso D2000 has a 1080p 30fps camera that gives you clean, clear video day or night. The picture quality at night is just as magnificent as it is in daylight. Reviewing video, you can clearly make out street signs, license plates of the vehicles around you, and the people jogging down the sidewalk as you drive by. This Dash Cam has a wide 170-degree view meaning it will not only be recording in front of you, but the lanes on either side of you, and the incoming traffic 4 lanes away. This camera also features Wide Dynamic Range, this is extremely helpful in both daylight, and night time driving, how WDR benefits you, is the camera will auto adjust the brightness and contrast settings in the camera, to give you the best picture it possibly can. The camera will also record audio inside the video if you want to turn that setting on.

wide dynamic range

The picture above gives you a great idea of how beneficial having Wide Dynamic Range in your dash cam can be.

The gorgeous 3in screen enables you to see exactly what the camera sees, and you can adjust the angles, or level of the camera to ensure you have the best view of the road ahead of you, just make sure you are doing this before leaving your driveway and never while driving.

wdr dash cam

Loop recording is another feature that makes this dash cam fantastic and easy to use. It can support up to a 32gb micro sd card, you can adjust the settings easily with the buttons on each side of the device, record every 3 minutes to every 5 minutes. The benefit of loop recording is, when your memory card fills up video, it will start re-recording over your oldest videos, now you have unlimited video capabilities with your dash cam without ever having to worry about it. The micro SD card is easily removable from the device and you can review your clips on your computer at any time with ease.

Another great benefit of the Akaso D2000 is G-sensor recording capabilities. If you are ever unfortunately in an accident, the dash cam will sense the collision impact, continue to record even if the battery dies with its built-in battery, and will lock the videos so the camera will not be able to record over that footage. This is extremely helpful because you are most likely in a bit of a panic and you can focus on your safety and the safety of everyone involved while your dash cam is doing its job recording.

All in all this dash cam is a fantastic addition to your vehicle, living in Arizona there is not much opportunity to test out rain, snow, or bad weather, but I will add footage on my Instagram page when it rains so you can see that footage as well.

usb car chargerMy only concern with this camera, is that it is a heavy camera, make sure you have installed your windshield mount as best as possible, if not it may fall down and break something (RIP my car charger lol). After ensuring my windshield mount was installed properly, I have not had any issues or concerns with the camera possibly falling.

With Dash Cams becoming more and more popular, I will highly recommend the Akaso D2000 Dash Cam to my friends and family and once you purchase yours, you will too.

I want to thank Akaso for allowing me the opportunity to test this camera out.


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