New Akaso V1 Dash Cam

Coming in at a much smaller footprint, quick and easy mounting design, and amazing night vision, Akaso has a fantastic new dash cam the Akaso V1. I reviewed another Akaso dash cam previously the Akaso D2000 and it was a great dash cam, my only issues with it, are that it is was very heavy and a somewhat large footprint on the windshield, although their new version is drastically smaller with tons of upgrades coming along.

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smart bulb

The perfect start to smart lights

If you have been wanting to start converting your home into a smart home, this light bulb is the perfect start. I talked before about how great Hue lights are, but they can be pricey to start with at $199.99 for 4 lights. If this is a little out of your budget, maybe start with this light bulb, the Sengled Element Classic A19, available on Amazon for only $9.99.   A hub is still required to integrate into your

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travel cruise

Cruise Travel Tech

What tech I am taking on my cruise I will be out of the country for a week and whats even more exciting than the cruise, is packing up my favorite tech, and new tech to try out. Unfortunately, there will be no posts on the site while I am away since paying for internet is way too expensive on a cruise ship and I just might be drunk trying to type anything anyway. Here

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red question

What products are you interested in?

What things are you interested getting reviewed? I have been going through a lot of things I have purchased throughout the years, a lot of my favorite items have already been reviewed and on the site, but there are a lot of other items I have that I wouldn’t mind reviewing, but I am really interested in hearing what products interest you. Are there any specific tech items you are interested in getting reviewed? Specific

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honey discounts

Honey – Discounts when buying on Amazon

Honey, get free discounts when shopping online with Honey Honey, Want to make sure you are getting the best deal on Amazon or hundreds of other stores online? This free Chrome extension called Honey will make sure you’re not paying more for your purchase on Amazon, and help get discounts from other stores too. When you browse for products on Amazon, Honey will automatically do a price history search on your item for the past year and

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